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upd: 22/02/2006

The Who's Who in Computational Science and Engineering project commenced in the spring of 2003. This directory will be published for the first time in March 2006. The directory will be regularly updated and republished and is intended to provide researchers in the field with up-to-date information on key figures in this important field.

The directory will be initially available as a printed book, but it is intended that a CD-ROM and an online version will follow should there be sufficient demand.

Information about the book is available here. Information about other Saxe-Coburg Publications can be found on the Saxe-Coburg Publications website.


The editor of WWCSE is Judy Tait. She can be contacted at the address, provided below.

The editor is responsible for preparing entries, using information provided by key researchers and practitioners, who wish to be included in the directory. The key researchers will be identified by the consultant editors, who will also advise on the suitability of the draft entries for inclusion in the publication.


During the second half of 2003 and first half of 2004, key researchers and practitioners were sent invitations to prepare their entry for Who's Who in Computational Science and Engineering. A wide range of active members of the research and academic communities were sent invitations.

For future editions of WWCSE, a nomination system is available. Anyone can nominate either themselves or others for listing using the nomination form. These nominations will be reviewed, and if appropriate, invitations will be issued for future editions of WWCSE. Each invitation is accompanied by a entry form, which should be completed and posted to the editor.

Shortly before the publication of each edition, the key researchers that are to be included, will be sent a draft of their entry, so that they may correct errors or include new items.

A discount order form to enable those included to purchase the printed edition at a greatly reduced price, will be included with the draft entry.


Saxe-Coburg Publications (Civil-Comp Ltd) is concerned about the privacy issues relating to the publication of WWCSE. The key researchers should not include any information on their entry forms that they do not wish to be published. Civil-Comp Ltd is registered with the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom under entry Z6587158.


The editors and publishers of WWCSE can be contacted at the following address:

    Ms Judy Tait
    WWCSE c/o Saxe-Coburg Publications
    Dun Eaglais
    Station Brae, Kippen
    Stirling FK8 3DY
    United Kingdom