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upd: 22/02/2006

If you are listed in the first edition (2005-2006) of WWCSE and would like to update your entry, please follow this procedure.

If you wish to change your contact details (address, email, tel, fax), please use the update form below.

If you wish to make changes to the content of your entry, please make a photocopy of your entry as it appears in the first edition of the WWCSE book, and mark any changes clearly on the copy. Please do not provide a new entry. We can only accept deletions or insertions. Please fax or post your corrected copy to the Editor. Please do not use the update form below for content changes.

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If you feel insecure about sending any information using web-based forms, you can always send your update to the editors by regular mail or fax. The WWCSE contact information is here.